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$59.00 + S&H


Can’t afford to hire a Wedding Planner?  The She Who Waits Wedding Planner and Scrapbook is an awesome tool to help you plan and organize your wedding.  No more headaches trying to keep all your thoughts and ideas in order.  This planner will help you plan from beginning to end. It includes savvy and money saving ideas to help you plan your special day from choosing your invitations to planning the reception and everything in between! It also includes a checklist for both the bride-to-be and the groom.


Wedding Planner and Scrapbook – This planner is also used for those who are “not yet” engaged!!! Why not begin to “look, feel, & create” your dream wedding on paper! Have a “Girls night out” or “Ministry Event” with the ladies and have fun creating ideas for your big day. Habakkuk 2:2 – says to “Write the vision and make it plain!”  It’s time to write the vision and put your desires in the atmosphere!


This book also Features “The Proposal.” Alfreda will candidly share her story about “How/When” her significant other “Popped the question!” and what her response was!

"Brilliant idea!"

Dr. Laura B. Christopher
   Millington, Tennessee

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