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In this book you will find spiritual insight into relationships and dating, and how to patiently wait on God for your mate.  Included is a special “letter to all daughters,” to help them recognize their true worth and value.  And, a single female, this book will help you to identify the characteristics of “Mr. Right” vs. “The Counterfeit.”

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“Awesome book!” Some of the things in there was an eye opener, blew me away. Wow! Everyone needs it….
– S. Harris (Lansing, MI)


I love your book Min. Alfreda Jones-Roby! Awesome job!
- L. Johnson (Detroit MI)


Loved the book! (bought copies for friends for Valentine’s Day)
– T. Sankey (Lansing, MI)


I cannot thank you enough for this gift!  It came across at the right time in my life!
– P. Gonzales ( Dallas, TX)


Challenges you to look deep inside yourself!
– C. Woods, student M.S.U & Harvard

Read “She Who Waits” today from start to finish!  Valuable information and little nuggets and tidbits to help single women from a godly perspective! Women need to hear this!
– K. Wray (Houston, TX)


I’m not going to lie, just read the opening poem and got chills!
– D. Picket, MSW. (Lansing, MI)


I love it! Thank you Min. Alfreda Jones-Roby for imparting your knowledge to us singles!
–T. Ferguson (Lansing, MI)


I can’t wait to finish the book so that I can share with other women! Thank you for allowing God to use you! – V. Bolden (Georgia)

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